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D&W is a Green Company


By its nature, remanufacturing is a “green” process.  D&W salvages all parts possible that are still within the original equipment manufacturer’s specifications.  All parts that are beyond repair are sent to a scrap yard for melt down and are recycled as other usable consumer goods.  By salvaging what we can, we reduce energy usage required for recycling as well as preserve resources.


In 2013, D&W replaced all of our facility lighting (60,000 sq. ft.) to new high efficiency light fixtures thus reducing our lighting power consumption by 40%.


The cleaning process of many parts here in our facility involves the use of vibratory peening machines combined with solvent.  The degreasing cleaning solvent is an oil based product that is removed from the machines periodically and sent out for purification.  Once it is returned, it is used again repeatedly.


D&W maintains a separate cardboard recycling dumpster on our premises that is emptied twice per week equaling approximately 832 cubic yards of cardboard recycled annually.


Even the batteries from our trucks and fork lifts are sent to a recycling center when they are replaced.


D&W proposed to the Baltimore City government to take on a program started in Ontario, Canada of recycling used brake friction by grinding it up in the asphalt used in road construction. This program keeps the product out of landfills and actually aids in the structural integrity of the roads.  We did not get this idea through but are willing to participate if it becomes policy in the future.