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Core Policy

Core returns will be allowed and credits issued only on D&W’s check-in.  We reserve the right to refuse units that cannot be rebuilt, and may be used to offset future core charges.  For example, Rockwell and Eaton Solo style clutches will not be accepted for Spicer remanufactured easy pedal and angle spring units.  The core charge on an invoice does not necessarily reflect its actual market value.             

            All remanufactured products sold by D&W have an assigned core class to encourage its return to our facility for rebuilding.  Cores returned via UPS must be shipped freight prepaid by the customer. If a customer returns more cores of a particular class than he purchased, those cores are held in a “core bank” in D&W’s computer indefinitely.  The core bank can be printed and sent to any customer at any time provided the computer is not down for repairs.  That customer may place future purchases of remanufactured product in that core class without incurring a core charge up to the quantity shown in their core bank.  Cores used to offset purchased quantities will be deducted from the total in the bank.  Conversely, if a customer purchases a remanufactured product and does not have a good core in their bank to offset the core charge, they will be charged for that core at the time of purchase.  That customer will have six months from the time of purchase to return that core for full credit.  If that core is returned after the six month period, the core will be banked to be used against future purchases.

 Core Policy

Freight will be prepaid on clutch orders based on the order's total dollar amount in relation to your geographic location. You will be notified of that dollar amount when your account is established or you can refer to the guidelines shown on our "Home" page. New clutch orders may be combined with remanufactured clutch orders to make the prepaid requirement.  

Core Policy

Remanufactured cast Spicer-type units have a warranty period of one year / unlimited mileage. The same warranty applies to new cast Spicer-type units. All other units are warranted for 120 days / 10,000 miles, whichever comes first. These units are warranted against defective workmanship and materials, and are guaranteed to perform to the above specifications when properly installed! 

Accompanied with all warranty claims must be the report detailing the date of installation and removal, make and model of the vehicle, type of service in which the vehicle is used, the number of miles the unit operated and the engine in the vehicle. The nature of the failure is also helpful.

 If found to be defective, the unit will be replaced to you at no charge. No claim will be considered if the    unit has been altered, dropped, improperly installed, or used in an application other than that which it was originally intended. All flywheels must be machined; Failure to do so will negate warranty!

Core Policy

All returns of D&W product only will be accepted, to be offset by an order of equal of greater value than that of the returned goods, provided that the returned merchandise is in good re-salable condition. There will be a 10% restocking fee based on the original purchase price-regardless of the appearance of the boxed product, it must be inspected and repackaged! This fee will be waived on returns of initial opening stock orders received by D&W customers up to a window of one year. After that one year initial stock order window lapses, reimbursement will not be in the form of cash or a check for returns, but only in the form of product. Returns shall be limited to 5% of the previous year’s total purchases.

Core Policy

Net 30 days unless a negotiated contract exists. Specifically negotiated contracts are subject to the terms set forth under that agreement. Prices are subject to change without notice.