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D & W's private label supplier manufactures friction that is sold at the OE level in 36 of the 54 countries in which the product is sold. This company won the Demming Award which is presented to one company in the world annually as the highest quality company for that year. D & W has sold this product since April of 2002 with tremendous success. It has performed better than any other friction we have ever sold. To help determine the proper friction grade for your application, please follow the DOT formula below:

Gross Vehicle Weight minus front axle weight = X

X divided by the remaining # of axles= friction grade

EX: refuse vehicle with GVW of 65,000

       front axle capability            -16,000


        tandem rear (2 axles)             2

                                                 24,500 = min 25,000 # friction


* to maximize friction life, always upgrade friction if you have an application with sloshing loads, steep grades, contaminated environments (dirt, etc in drums) aggressive drivers, or frequent stops.

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