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7.3L FORD Heavy Duty Clutch Kits


    Kits include:


OEM clutch assembly


release and pilot bearings


alignment tools



Part# 07-113 HD                     Part# 07-113 CXL                   Part# 07-113 CB
Torque capacity                       Torque capacity                         Torque capacity
Increased up to 50ft/lb             Increased up to 100ft/lb             Increased up to 200ft/lb
ORGANIC                                KEVLAR
® /ARAMID                    CERAMIC

Additional Features and Advantages:

·         HD units incorporate free travel 7 + 1 design discs for increased noise control. These coaxial springs are made of valve quality, chrome vanadium wire

·         4 paddle design offers  greater clamping capacity

·         Clutch XL material ensures longer life and smooth engagement and will never damage the flywheel.

                         Kevlar® is a registered trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company

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